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Shampoos and Hair Care Products

Shampoos and Hair Care Products

There is no shampoo or care product that proves to reduce hair loss. Positive effects have been observed on those containing procapil. Shampoo and care products are generally thought to speed up the hair growth.

It is uncertain what the mechanism of action is for shampoos impact hair growth, but the key to using these shampoos is:

  • Before rinsing, lather and leave on your scalp for 5 minutes.
  • Combine with other treatments (such as minoxidil or LLLT) for optimum effectiveness.

Usually these shampoos can provide a temporary improvement in the texture of the hair. This is because of oils, polishes, and other ingredients that line the hair shaft are present and temporarily lead to the feeling of thicker hair. These can be effective, but most have temporary improvements with results that last 2-3 days and do not slow down the hair loss process. I could even add the expensive shampoos and care products under the superstitions title.

Those that do not contain parepen and silicone should be preferred while buying a shampoo.